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Image consulting is all about helping men or women communicate who they are through what they wear. Empowers the person to make wise choices regarding the lifestyle, body type and the style they intend to transmit, making them feel secure and passionate about the image they are transmitting.
It's not only understanding the beauty and the fashion trends, but most important, how to apply them on the type of person you are. 
Your image is a personal characteristics that is exposed to the world  and our personal image transmits our personality, attitude, interests and objectives in life. When you gather this all together and present it in a accurate, attractive, authentic way, you create a positive impression.

Image Consulting, analyzes, studies and guides you to achieve that personal or professional image suitable for your reality.

Here are some posts from this blog related to body types advice, tips on how to wear that item or other subject considering what looks and suits best on you, according to your style and type:


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