Jump in that suit!

Either you hate it or love it, the jumpsuits have been around for some time now and what I like about them is the comfort and the all-in-one look. Depending on the accessories, you can transform this one piece into a different style depending on the occasion - they are versatile and trendy. 

The smartest way to pull off this look and be sure you are not jumping in the 80's, is to pick a solid color piece in a sophisticated fabric, since it's more versatile and less juvenile. If you do want to go head-to-toe pattern, choose a subtle one without big contrasting colors.

1 jumpsuit = 2 looks with the Indah Avril Strapless jumpsuit at ShopBop

note* You don't have to weigh 99 pounds to wear jumpsuits but keep in mind that less shiny fabrics and darker colors, make you look slimmer. Shiny and bright give you volume!

If you're still not sure about this piece, try one that has wide legs, flowing fabric and gives the illusion of 2 pieces; top and pants. You will feel it is right!

For a day casual look:
  • Layer with waistcoats or jackets. A cute denim jacket looks great!;
  • Accessorize with a scarf and colorful, fun jewelry;
  • Wear boots or flat sandals 

For the evening look:
  • Go fierce and sparkle up a bit;
  • Sophisticated fabric jacket;
  • Glam jewelry;
  • High heels;
  • Smart clutch.
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