Shorts for your body type

A fundamental piece for summer and that´s always on trend is with no doubt, the shorts. It can be worn at anytime or any occasion as to the beach, work or more formal, but the most important thing, is to find the type of short that best suits your body type.

Follow these advice for different lengths:

Short: Use them if you are petite or have little feminine curves. This is a perfect length to elongate your legs. Avoid if you have wide hips or a very curvy body

Medium: This is a length that looks well in every body type and if you have long or short legs. To find out the best length, just place your arms along your body and the hem should be below 2 or 3 inches from your fingers.

Bermuda: Ideal for whom has long legs or a pear shaped body. The length until the knee allows more coverage for the legs and flatters a tall figure. Avoid if you have small legs because it will shorten them visually.

There are other aspects to consider when picking out shorts. The type of fabric influences the image you want to transmit. Fabrics with elasticity are more fitted and 100% cotton more structured. A cut in A or a more roomy short flatters wider hips and a more fitted short, better for slimmer legs and less curves.

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