What to wear with red shoes.

Red shoes are super glam, super chic and a very big trend lately. They complement any look and give that special touch in a more simple ensemble. You can never go wrong with red pumps, or flat sandals or cute ballerinas - Red shoes play well throughout the day.
Get dazzled with all the options that can be worn with red shoes:

a. A neutral look
Pop up a look that's more simple and neutral but ever so sophisticated with a good choice of fabrics such as a tan silk top and pair it with jeans and red ballerinas. This ensemble is so elegant and can be worn anytime.

b. Navy Blue
Red and blue just match so perfectly and instead of going nautically why not opt for a well fitted navy suit and shiny red pumps? A great option for a work outfit and the red pump gives that punch of flare in contrast with the crispy suit.

c. Black & White Stripes
This couldn't be more perfect; white, black and red combo. The perfect match! Stripes is a big trend and you can ensemble the look with red shoes and you'll look great for anytime of the day! 

d. White Strapless Dress
Go romantic and fun with white and red! White just asks for color so go super funky and fun with red high heels or sandals.
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