Life's a Beach - Swimsuits for large busts..

If you're big on top, the main option is to find comfort and support and you need to keep your breasts in place and not to make you look massive.

The main rule:
  • no matter what you pick, either a one-pice or two-piece swimsuit, it has to have a wide strap and underwire top for support. 
  • The best shape is the halter top because it will create a nice cleavage. Look for styles that have a strong band at the ribcage and will not ride up.
  • Adjustable straps, boning, seamed cups, and sturdy linings help lift the chest.
  • Embrace the bikini - in some cases a two-piece is better because you have a band of support all the way around the back.
  • Make sure that the top covers the breast so you are not continually worrying about falling out the side. 

    [It's all about details!]:
    • Think about print and pattern - Solids are always a good bet but you can get big bold print designs to flatter and balance your body.
    • You will look good in swimwear tops with diagonal lines, as well as, in bathing suits with dark top part and light bottom part if you want to minimize.
    • You can use feminine touches like frills and bows to soften the styles you choose. 
    • The colors should be matte and the bottom parts can have details if you want to avoid the attention on the top.
    • Springy fabrics, like nylon and Lycra, lift breasts, making you look leaner all over.

    What To Avoid:
    • Don't ever pick a bandeau top or string top because they will give little support and it will dray all the attention to the top. Thin shoulder straps will also cut into your flesh, which is never a flattering look.
    • You should avoid wearing light and colorful-variegated swimsuit tops.
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