DIY Tinted moisturizer

It's summer and you don't want to go heavy on your makeup, especially with the foundation. As you may know, foundation should be switched in the summer since your skin tone will be different with that little extra color from the sun but please never forget to use sunscreen or moisturizers with spf. 

If you don't want to switch foundation than this might be the solution when it's color is a bit too dark for the day then it'll feel sheerer on the skin. 
This is a really easy simple trick in case you don't have tinted moisturizer but if you want that little color and evenness to your skin without having a foundation melt-down or plastery skin, mix your foundation with your daily moisturizer. You will be hydrated and look natural!
You can make the mix on your hand by adding first the moisturizer and then the liquid foundation (just a little for the color). Apply it on your face and voila, you have that nice fresh even colored skin and perfect for summer. Supper quick and easy plus the moisturizer will help the foundation look more natural and creamy. Don't forget to use oil-free foundation. 
Not only can this be used anytime during the year, but also saves you a bunch of time in the morning, getting ready for your busy day.

Get that healthy natural look perfect for the summer and save some money too!

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