Life's a Beach - Swimsuits for small breasts.

Summer is almost here, and time for a beach get-a-way and starting to work for that tan. Follow these tips to boost your body and feel great about yourself.

Although there is a common fact (small-breasts) the body types can vary, so what can look good on thinner bodies, won't work on fuller figure bodies.

If you're thin:
  • choose two piece string bikinis that tie at the neck (shows more skin and accentuates other features of the body and takes away from the lack of a bigger chest) - avoid halter tops.
If you're rounder:
  • Avoid most of the bikinis out there - The lack of material in this case will emphasize a bigger bottom half and highlight the woman's disproportionate parts. As an alternative, try wearing a sarong or exotic pareo skirt instead. These skirts compliment small-breasted, rounder bodies beautifully. 

[Swimsuit shapes]:

Tankinis are a popular bathing suit trend and they tend to work well for both thinner and rounder small-breasted women.The key to this look is a form-fitting top.If the top is baggy or loose then it will hang off the body and give a not-well-put together look

The one-piece suit is also a good choice for small-breasted women and especially for rounder bodies. Again, don't forget that it has to be well fitted with no gaps between the suit and skin. Pick one with:
  • padding or a push-up option - they generate the illusion that the woman has more on top. Instant cleavage is created and gives a really sexy appearance. 
  • details on the breast area, such as ruffles, to create the illusion of volume, therefore, boosting up the breast. 

Probably the best style bathing suit for any small-breasted woman is the two-piece bikini with what is called a bandeau top. The top presents a straight line of material from front to back.There are no openings, which is the key to why it works so well.The straight line is great because it hides a lack of cleavage for the small-breasted woman, while still giving a clean, sexy look.

[It's all about details!!]:

  • create the illusion of a fuller chest.
    - small prints/small decorations (small details make you look bigger), shine (gives volume), ruffles and pleats also gives volume.
  •  Wear horizontal stripes – they make the eyes go from left to right: making you look ‘wider’ visually!
  •  Waer lighter colors on top. White will make you look fuller, black will make you look flatter. 
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