Prints – body type

Prints can be worn on all sizes and body types as long as they are chosen according to your style and body type. Just always practice balance and proportion.
These are two basic tips for using prints (It’s all about optical illusion):
  • Small Prints – make you look wider
  • Big Prints – make you look slimmer

    According to this:


    Small prints should be worn if: 

    - You are petite size
    (Tip: Avoid big prints for they will make you look shorter);
    - Want to enhance a certain part of your body;
    - want to look wider


          Big prints should be worn if:

          - You are a plus size;
          - You are tall
          (Tip: Pick bright and bold prints);
          - Want to look slimmer
          (Tip: try to pick prints that are more spreader with more solid color in between).

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