Leather of Fall

Leather for Fall/Winter is no newsflash, although along these years, this material has reinvented itself and shows to be more innovative when the time to fully showcase arrives. It gives us the pleasure to comeback more "refreshed" and this year is no exception.
It appears in almost every detail and accessories with bold cuts, different weight and texture that provide it's applicability in new forms and structures, more innovative such as dresses, tops or skirts giving you a more elegant and fitted silhouette. Leather is not only reserved for outerwear to keep us warm but more and more it has become our second layer of skin.

This year, leather appears in a more bold and dark romantic feel, combining i.e lace with other textures - embellishment, perforated, velvet...
The delicacy and freshness of Spring is replaced by romantic warrior princesses but extremely seductive and the big color that stands out is with no doubt, the oxblood red.
Invest this year on this leather that's versatile and fun to combine with any other material or piece. 

Picture: Valentino dress with lace/Peplum top from Oasis/Kenzo Sandals/Dress with leather sleeves from 3.1 Phillip Lim/Leather dress from Derek Lam

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