Dark Vampire Elegance

This vampy trend not only attracts literature and movies but this fall/winter it became focused on fashion through a mix of dark gothic style, revealing a extravagant vampire look but very romantic and feminine.

The color black stands out this season but to accentuate this vampire trend in an exuberant and refined way, oxblood was added to the palette. These colors are seen applied in various materials such as the popular velvet, silk and the big highlight this season, leather... You can also mix this altogether with other textures and trends: transparency and lace.

This trend flooded the catwalk and the vampire look came highlighted in another area: makeup. This fall you could try a pale look with dark red or purple lips and dark eyes.

Without being misinterpreted as a Halloween costume, adventure yourself in this trend choosing exquisite and refined materials that flatter your body type and mix textures by adding different materials to the outfit.
Add to your lipstick collection the big star of makeup this season; a dark burgundy lipstick

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