Geometric Prints

Fashion this year presents itself edgy and perfect to explore the color-block trend. It's ideal to help define your silhouette and at the same time, enhances or hides shapes of your body.
This trend of geometric prints is in high and provides sophisticated and elegant looks, perfect for any occasion.

This trend also honors an era that's as well very significant this season: the 20's.

How to use Geometric prints:
  • You can combine an ensemble with skirts and blouses or choose a dress with a bold print and that stands out;
  • If you want a less dramatic look, choose one of the items with the bold print, for i.e. a printed blouse with solid colored pants;
  • For a slimming effect use a dress with vertical lines in which the outside part is darker than the inside part. Black and white help create this illusion;
  • Combining lines and triangles help define your silhouette;
  • The ideal is to keep a clean look and avoid extremely fitted clothing;
  • Add a geometric detail to your look like a piece of jewelry or a handbag with angular shapes

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