Summer Leather

Fashion nowadays brings items from one season to another which would seem like unthinkable. Let's call it the fashion of modern climate.
You would never think of wearing leather in the summer, for we always relate it to the cold and a way to bundle-up but lately, nobody is shocked by seeing shorts or skirts in leather combined with a t-shirt and the advantage of this is that you can wear the items all year long.

Usually summer clothes are always delicate, flowy and fresh but if you want to make a statement and have a more polished look, then the leather will do it's job giving a look a more sharp and edgy feel.
There are different types of leather items for summer where you can pick from, completely adapted to the warmer weather. They are more lightweight and can be colorful as well.
Choose black shorts (not too snug) and use it with a casual t-shirt and for a feminine touch to contrast with the rocker style, add colorful pumps or high-heel sandals. For a more sharp look, a pencil skirt more fitted and a fun top, will do it.
Try as well a leather peplum top - the big trend this season.
Be sexy and sleek with this look that can be worn either during the day or night, depending on the accessories you combine with!

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