Mirror, mirror on the print...

Which is the fairest of them all??
It´s not a fairy tale story but a real fashionista reality. The prints this year scream for attention and they couldn't be more bold and the big twist this year, is seeing them with a mirrored effect. 
The mirror print is a big trend and we see it mostly on pencil skirts or dresses. The pieces should be worn fitted so the effect stands out better. They are normally inspired by tropical prints or a baroque style. They have contrasting colors and they surely stand out making a difference.
If you are a fan of prints, then this is a new style to try out. The mirror print copies a reflection of an image, usually mirrored vertically. 
This is a trend that allows you to style flowers without looking to girly and it´s a perfect print to adapt into a more polished look for work and all you need to do is add a blazer or a neutral top to become elegant and different, from the usual boring suits for work. 
Try out this new fun twist of prints!

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