Bleached Summer

When we think of tie-dye, what other than a hippie look comes to our mind? We remember those days of dipping and creating our own, fun and unique colorful t-shirts.

This technique of gradient dying or something completely random, made on pants, shorts or shirts is getting high on the fashion trendy world but in a more orderly and sophisticated way.

If you are into stained or bleached clothing, then this trend is for you. Tie-dye comes in and out of fashion but this year we see it rising on the streets with celebrities and fashion bloggers rocking this style, in a appealing summer spirit with a rocker-hippy-chic look.

Although we can find clothing in this trend out in stores, we can perfectly create ourselves this bleached look on a low budget and transform some boring left out pieces in our wardrobe, into something fun and refreshing, totally trendy for this season. It´s as easy as dipping them into bleach on the area that we would like to create that effect and leaving out an untouched part. For example, pick out some pants than you don´t use anymore and cut them out into shorts and bleach them into a mixture of water and bleach. Voilá!! You got your own bleached summer look.

Have fun!

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