Pastel Spring

For a cool twist from the big trend of strong bold colors seen lately - since last year - here comes a new and soft palette reminding us of yummy colors such as sorbet. It adds a refreshing and romantic tone to any outfit - the pastel colors.
It´s one of the big trends this season and we see it all around (clothes, accessories, makeup...).

Colors that reminds us of easter eggs, like warm yellows, soft peaches, pinks and powdery lavenders. They are very versatile and feminine and great to be worn at any time of the day.

How to use pastel colors:
  • Go bold with a pastel color-block outfit. Try not to use more than 2 tones so you won´t look like an easter egg or try to pick one shade and style a monochromatic look;
  • For a less edgy look, just pick out one of the items of your outfit to be your pastel choice and combine it with whites, light greys or nudes; 
  • A pastel blouse will look great with a nude leather skirt. Neutral and earthy tones look great with pastel;
  • Silky and flowy fabrics match perfectly this feminne color;
  • Nothing says you can´t use these colors for a night out. Just pick a piece with more sparkle or sequins and you´ll be ready to shine on a summer night. 
  • Unfortunately this is not a color that looks great in every skin tone so you should pick out colors that will enhance and iluninate your skin: Pale skin, pink undertones, blonde or black hair, light colored eyes are the perfect match for this trend - Normally called the "cold" skin type. If this is not your type, don´t be discouraged. Just try to keep any piece in this color away from your face and choose items such as pants, shoes, skirts, handbags, belts... There is also a big variety of pastel colors in nail polishes to add a pop of pastel into your outfit.

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