Electrify with Neon - Tips for wearing the trend.

There is nothing better than to highlight your tan with a little help of a color. This trend is the best to do that job giving your skin a contrast with a lightning shock  - talking about neon! 

This trend made a strong comeback this year, and this time standing out with more brighter colors, becoming, with no doubt one, of the highest trends this season. You can see this brightness everywhere; clothing, a handbag, shoes, accessories or even makeup.

Tips to wear neon:

  • Since it´s a bright and acid color try to avoid wearing items on parts of your body that you don´t want to enhance;
  • If you don´t have yet the desired skin tone to wear these colors, choose an accessory or a little detail of neon and avoid big solid items with this color;
  • For a more edgy look, do color-blocking, contrasting for i.e green+yellow or pink+orange. Use solid colors, structured and avoid an exaggerated contrast;
  • Choose preferably cold tone neons for a more shocking effect;
  • Neon paired with pastels or neutrals match perfectly. Creates a balanced effect;
  • Keep your makeup toned down if you wear neon;
  • If you think you don´t have the best skin tone to wear this trend, avoid any clothing or items close to your face and pick pieces such as skirts, shoes or handbags and keep the top part neutral;
  • To avoid creating looks similar to the 80´s, choose feminine items with a minimalistic or classic cut;

Electrify yourself this summer with these colors and have fun!

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