Hot trend: Peplum

Are you trying to find a different twist for your suit? Are you tired of the same conventional work suit? Do you want to add more movement and boldness to a look and staying elegant? So the Peplum trend  is the right choice, adding a new silhouette to your everyday outfit.
The list for the S/S 12 wouldn't be complete if the Peplum wasn't added as a big highlight for this season.

Peplum started around the 40's and 60's, disappearing and them making a comeback in the 80's. This year you see this flirty look all over the runways and big name brands added this sophisticated retro detail, highlighting the feminine curves in a more fun and dramatic way.

It brings more dynamism to a structured outfit and if it's very appealing to the eye, you have to make the right choices when wearing it, so you won't use this trend incorrectly for it may not flatter your figure.

How to wear Peplum:
  • Choose a more structured and minimalist peplum;
  • It is obviously a good way to accentuate your waist. Perfect for a rectangular body shape person because it will create the illusion of a waist;
  • If you are petite, the peplum will give you the desired volume and helps define curves. If you have a more prominent hip, there might be the fear of adding more volume to your look but in fact this cinched waist style can flatter you and help taper your body. Just try and avoid skirts and opt for pants;
  • For being a structured detail and that stands out to the eye, be careful with proportions. Choose pencil skirts preferably lengthen till the knee or skinny pants if worn with a peplum top;
  • If you don't want a dramatic look, choose little details of peplum such as in a jacket, blouse or skirt;
  • There is in the market a wide range of interesting materials to emphasize and structure this silhouette like for example a top in leather or neoprene;
  • Usually this trend is taken as more of a formal retro look. To give it a more modern twist use it with minimalist accessories or pants or shorts;
  • If you are not very tall you can ensemble the look with pants for it will visually elongate your legs because the peplum will break the length.

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Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things said...

love peplum! i have yet to own it though!

xoxo from nyc & http://www.the-beautiful-things.com

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