Top Accessories for this spring!

Accessories complement any ensemble and help create a more enchanting look. They are a good way to add charisma to your wardrobe and spice up your look with a good dose of charm. No matter if it's a simple outfit or not, accessories will compose your image and give a nice touch of elegance.

Here follows a list of items that will highlight your look with the latest trends for this next spring/summer:

1 – Necklaces have an important role and lately they have become more edgy, chunky and sophisticated. This spring pick colorful items with hints of neon, crystals, stones and preferably more close to your neck (if your body type allows that).
[Necklaces from Tom Binns and Mawi - Neon bracelets from Juicy Couture]

2 – Color-Block handbags! Doesn't matter the size or shape as long as they have contrasting colors, they will surely cheer up your look.
[Handbags fron Marc by Marc Jacobs and Audrey Brooke]

3 – Sunglasses are not only important to spice up your look and glam it up but they will also protect your eyes from the sun and keep wrinkles away. The shape that stands out this spring is again the cat-eye and sunglasses with peculiar shapes are also a trend. The more inovative the better: over-sized oval shaped, diamond shape....
[Ultra Cat Eye black sunglasses from whistle.co.uk and Cutler and Gross Rounded sunglasses]

4 – There are a lot of trends for shoes but the one that has stood out from being different is the comeback of the pointy shoe, but this time in white. Choose a elegant high-heel shoe with a bold design.
[Alexander Wang Bianca Sandals and Altuzarra shoes]

5 – Everything that's ethnic or tribal will be presented in an accessory of your choice. It could be a handbag, clutch or bangle, as long as the exotic is printed on it. It can help enhance any understated outfit.
[Forver 21 tribal clutch, Aqua Enamel ethnic bangle, Bryna Hermann clutch]

6 – Metallics are again seen this next season and this time with more futuristic shapes and sometimes contrasting with vibrant colors. Give a touch of light to your look with a metallic accessory. They are great to match with anything and for any occasion.
[Giambattista shoes, Givenchy clutch, Martin Margiela Maison sneakers]

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