Metallic toes for spring

The metallics have been in the world of fashion for some time now and more have they become noticeable, either in a garment, little detail or accessory.
Some prefer gold or silver but what matters is that it creates that trendy metal effect.
In this A/W you can see it a lot in accessories, especially in footwear. In this next S/S the effect shifts towards the tip of the shoe bringing the popular trend of metal cap shoes. The pointy shoe that has kinda disappeared will be back this next season but obviously in a more sophisticated way. You combine the tip and the metallic, and the final result is a shoe more updated and original.

The pointy-toe shoe comes in and out of fashion over these years and not only can they be a trend at the time but there are advantages for using them: the foot looks longer and elegant, perfect for a more festive situation. Matched with the ideal piece, like some flowing pants, they can elongate the leg as well.

How to wear these shoes:
  • Create a "peeking" effect of the tip of the shoe with long and flaring pants;
  • The higher the shoe, the shorter it will look;
  • Choose a shoe with a smaller front case to avoid a very long tip;
  • Try not to go too formal with the style like a conventional suit and rather pick some cropped pants with a fun blazer or a feminine dress and show some legs;
  • It matches perfectly with flared pants;
  • This style of shoes requires more modern, minimalistic and fresh crisped pieces;
  • Use it with bare legs. Let the shoe be the spotlight.

Example of 2 outfits more bold looking were you can adventure yourself with some fun and printed cropped pants and the other situation, more clean and minimalistic playing with a look that this style requires. Both can be worn for work or an casual chic event.
No doubt that these shoes can bring some glam and sexiness to your look so get dared with the comeback of the pointed-toe shoe with a metallic twist.

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