There seems to be a tendency of carrying around bugs, animals and all exotic creatures wrapped around on parts of your body!
This trend has been carried on since this late fall but more and more I find people using that statement ring, belt or bracelet with a bee, snake, beetle or some other funny, crawly bug.

Is it creepy or fab?? I think it's cool... Ancient civilizations already wore bugs as a sacred, protective or lucky charm, like the ancient Egyptians.
Now we wear it as a fashion statement and this might be the closest I can get to an insect!

Want to go animalesque? Check out these cool bug jewels:

(a. Boucheron Fly Brooches, b. Dominic Jones Beetle Ring, c. Erica Anenber Double Snake Ring, d. Mallarino Snake Bracelet, e. Kenneth Jay Lane Animal Instinct Ring, f.  Dragonfly earing from youshehe.com, g. Magicicada earrings, h. Take Wing Ring, I. Lanvin Swarovski crystal insect cuff)
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Anonymous said...

i love all the kenneth jay lane animal rings, i FINALLY just got the famous gold kjl snake ring at hauteheadquarters.com and ordered the a super super cool ram ring from toryburch.com

love animal rings!

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