x2 chunkiness: sweaters and jewelry

Mixing two of the major fall trends in to one: chunky jewelry and chunky sweaters. How cool is that?? No more of putting away jewelry till "see ya next summer". Bring it on to the winter too.
I always loved jewelry and I had to have a piece in any outfit and it kinda bothered me that I couldn't do much in the winter since I was pretty much "soaked" and surrounded by sweats and knits.
No more of those worries. Just put it all out there and layer it.

Images by Tommy Tom

How to wear this style:
  • The funkiest, the better;
  • Pick statement jewelry that will stand out. The bigger, the better;
  • Mix color and prints;
  • Crystals and bling-bling are a must. Just be careful with the threads;
  • Choose necklaces more closer to your neck;
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