Tie the knot

... On your button down shirt!
This summer trend has made a comeback and you see a lot of fashion bloggers and celebrities rocking this style in a very cool way.
The button down shirt can be so more versatile than you'd ever imagine. It can go from classic sophisticated to casual chic in a snap and all you need to do is tie your blouse and it'll look good with anything!

This look is so easy to accomplish. Tie the blouse over a maxi dress or skirt and if you're not afraid to show a little midriff, tie it higher and show some skin.

The point is to be playful yet casual.
  • Choose a button down shirt that you feel comfortable in - Denim, crisp white...
  • Play with prints if you go neutral on top. Use it with a printed long maxi or short skirt. 
  • Wear it over a tank, dress or shirt.
  • Go 70's with some flare wide pants.
  • High-waisted shorts or pants
  • Roll up the sleeves for a more casual sexy look.
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