Buttoned-up shirts.

Lately I have been showing the various ways you can wear your button-down shirt. It is such a great piece because of it's versatility.  You can go boyfriend style, tie the blouse and for last, button it up all the way! This trend has been going on for awhile and it seems to be getting stronger as you see more of it often.    

At first this ‘look’ might seem matronly or even slightly schoolgirl but paired with the right elements, you'll look fashionably chic. 
Seriously, this shirt goes with anything. And to give it a little twist, embellish the collar!!  


Button it up all the way and:
  • Tie a ribbon on the color. Either fluffy or slimmer, it has a romantic chic look and adds detail.
  • It's all about details on the color too! Check out this DIY for the tip of the collar.
  • Use it under a fun sweater for a casual look.
  • Choose a sheer shirt tucked into high-waisters or go floaty and romantic and a little less well behaved.
  • Use a statement necklace close to the neck. Sparkly or colorful rocks! A glittery, bejeweled collar adds a dose of glamor and a beaded collar instantly dresses up a white t-shirt, while sweet lace-embroidered or crochet adds vintage chic to your work blouse.

  • If you don't have a buttoned shirt, why not create the look by faking it with detachable collars. Embellished necklines make their way to the fashion frontline this season.
  • You can mix and match the collar with any of your tops or dresses and go beyond the traditional necklace.
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