Up in the clouds.

My current favorite nail polish right now is the Revlon Top Speed Cloud! I just love it's pastel bluish slightly lavender shade.
Have it on my nails, love it and can't wait to go out showing off my toes in some nice open sandals! (Please warm weather come over to my side).

This set evolves around the theme and this light shade of blue is just perfect for a warm day! Breezy and light:

a. Winki Vee Wing Tee from Quicksilver
b. Light Wash Boyfriend Shorts from Miss Selfridge
c. The Harbinger Company jewelry Large Cloud Earrings
d. YSL Sac Chyc shopping Bag
e. Carrie Sax Cloud and Star Pendant Necklace
f. Karen Walker Rover Powder Blue sunnies
g. Cloud Chair
h. Candy Cloud Wedge from Modcloth

A glimpse on how the nail polish looks like. 
(Photo from here).

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