Royal Wedding Viewing Party

The wedding is just a few weeks away, and we are all invited to view the so very famous royal wedding and I just can't wait to see what will Kate be wearing down the aisle! By the time, they tie the knot, it'll be the wee hours in America but why not "dress-up" and go for a early morning gala for this fairy-tale day.
Treat yourself for a glamorous breakfast, just like a princess!! 

a. Sunny Side Up Collection from Sucre. All the goodies to nibble on.
b. This gorgeous gold Teapot to brew the English breakfast tea.
c. Toast the newlyweds with this Minster Mug.
d. Cookies for the royalty.
e. Wake up feeling gorgeous in these Ruffle Heart PJ Pant from Juicy Couture.
f.  Wear proudly and embrace your jealously with this T-shirt. It pretty much says it all.
g. Top it off with some cute slippers from Foorever21


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