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I was never one to go beyond my safe zone when it comes to lip color. I thought I looked ridiculous in a bright "in your face" lip. So obviously I would always turn to my never-disappointing gloss or nudes. I don't know if it's the trends lately (most likely) or a change of mind, but I am having so much fun this year with these matte bright lipsticks from Wet n Wild. I chose this brand because I was too afraid on spending tons of money in something that I probably didn't like seeing myself in, but these do perfectly it's job and didn't disappoint at all, and the price factor is a plus (very cheap). And I think I don't look that bad after all... 

Now for nails, you can never go wrong with bright colors. It matches everybody's skin tone and it's a great complement for any outfit. I gathered the colors that I wear most often in the summer in a little bowl.
I am wearing now "I need a refresh-mint" from guess who? Yep, Wet n Wild again... It has just conquered my heart and wallet and I think it's a great price and valued item. Megalast are so easy to apply and it has a great finish.

Have fun with colors this summer and I would love to know what's your favorite summer stain!

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Nikki Mata said...

I love your blog and just started following! Check out mine!!



Anonymous said...

Ahhh, summer colors.

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