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I can't resist a good black and gold combination. It's my ultimate favorite color for accessories or even outfits. I think it's just so glam and chic and an effortless sophistication, that can be worn anytime of the day. So no wonder I find myself wearing over and over again this combo and if you add it to chains and studs, then I'm good for the day.

One of my favorite nail polish lately is the Essie Master Plan. I bought it a while back, in the winter (I think) and it never dissapoints me. I guess I'll take it through the summer as well and it's a nice variation from the bright colors. It's a greyish nude that goes with everything. Let's call it my new neutral for nails - a great escape from the traditional whites or beige's.

(pictures by me)

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Anonymous said...

I like your cute little titles on the photos. Check out the blog, Park and Cube. She has some fantastic inspirational work on there.

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