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[The shake]:
Ok, not much of a shaked drink going on here, but I am in the mood for some coke and chocolate stir in my belly. For some reason, I have cravings for these two naughty treats together. Make it a "diet" for less punishment.

[The fashion]:

Gold and dark, obviously. The perfect combo, especially for this fall. Chiffon Gold Button Shirt from Topshop, Moto Metallic Glitter Hotpants from Topshop, GIVENCHY Gold Cap Black Ballet flats with metallic cap, Dolce & Gabbana Leo Bag Fiona, Lulu Frost Vintage crystal and brass necklace, MiuMiu sunglasses, and a slim leopard belt.
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1 comment:

Little Emotions said...

Adorei a proposta, ouro e preto...lindo.

E os acessórios, fantástico!


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