Season of layers

When Fall comes, or the end of summer when it's really hard to expect what the weather will bring, the best thing is to think of layers. You can start the day layered and peel them off or add some more, depending on how the weather progresses. This applies to spring too I guess.

Don't put away your more summery clothes yet because they can still be of great use. I love layering clothes because I think it adds a lot of character to an ensemble and brings much more creativity to a look. Have you checked out this blogger? Of course you have! I think she is the master of layering! Examples like thisthis, and this just makes you think about the endless opportunities your wardrobe can held.

T by Alexander Wang | Gucci | Chloe | Christian Dior

Layering clothes in the right way is an art and with a few essentials that you might have in your wardrobe, check out these ideas. It always feels new and refreshing when you layer with items that maybe are hidden in your wardrobe and you never thought about its potential.

The key is to:
  • Wear the thinnest garment closest to your skin, and the thickest towards the top of the layer;
  • Try not to look to bulky. Stick up to 3 layers for the most part;
  • Use the more fitted garments closer to your skin;
  • Do contrast between colors, fabrics and cuts. This is where creativity stands out;
  • Mix styles;
  • Layer with accessories too (but keep it controlled)
This said, and bringing the fashion trend of this Fall forward, here are some examples of layering:

  • Use cropped sweaters or jackets over other long shirts. You can pair it with pants, long skirts or pencil skirts too.  

  • Use long sweaters or dresses over other long garments, such as a long dresses or skirts. This fall, layers of long go over other long pieces. Long over long... This will create an elongated silhouette. Make the contrast between chunky knits with flowy fabrics.

  • Anything over pants. This is the easiest and the most common layered style you find and the leggings have made it easy along these years. Try a long tunic, dress or even skirt over pants or leggings. 
  •  A vest is surely very versatile and a great piece for layering. Try a chunky fur one or something more polished. If you use a belt over it, it will create a more dramatic fitting look. Try it over a suit jacket, or a jeans one for a more casual look. If in the opposite case, jacket over vest, use a looser one for more room to move. 
  • Different layers of shirts with different sized sleeves. This is the best way to bring your summer wardrobe into Fall. A long slim-fitted shirt or dress under a dress or tee... Try not to go bulky. 
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