Royalty day...

Today is certainly an important mark of history even though you think it's going way over the reasonable but we all love fairy tales. I was surprised to see all the coverage of the wedding that was made here in the US.
I could have watched the rerun of the wedding at more decent hours, but no, I had to wake up at 4am to see everything live.
But let's talk about fashion!!
The wedding dress was simple but elegant and suitable for Kate's personality and figure! (Did you see that wasp waist??). The hair? Well, it's her trade mark but with all that lace around her neck, she should have picked a different hairstyle so it wouldn't get caught and tangled in the lace.

And those headpieces from the guests, called hats? I would prefer calling them pieces of art because they are so remarkable and unique. Two that caught my attention in a curious way, were from the sisters, Princess Eugenie and Beatrice. Wow...what was that?
But here are some that sticked out:

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