Eco fashion is hot!

Today on earth day, the consciousness of making an effort to live in a better world come up. There shouldn't be one day without making a stand and trying to improve our routine and options to help our earth becoming better from human harm. 
We can all make a stand, specially on fashion. Sustainability is something important that allows people to combine style with respect for nature, and how to look good and not lose any integrity.

So what does it mean "eco-fashion"? No, not walking around there looking like a jungle woman... it refers  to a method of designing and making clothes that use environmentally friendly fabrics and responsible production techniques.
More and more designers are using this method. It’s not only designers like Stella McCartney and Noir who have a conscience, even affordable brands like Topshop, Marks and Spencers, and H&M are going organic (and have been for some time).

It should be more than a trend. It should be part of our daily lives... So keep in mind: Green is the new black!

a. The word Ela means Mother Earth in Sanskrit, and is the label name of an organic and sustainable fashion label produced, designed and developed in New Delhi, India. The collection, designed by Joyjit Talukdar, was launched by the Creative Group at New Delhi Fashion Week, and features organic un-dyed and unbleached cotton, in combination with milk and bamboo jersey
b. Recycled Sterling Silver Ring
c. Drink from tap water and get rid of the plastic bottles. This bottle is a great project
d. Fairtrade & Organic cotton mini skirt by Annie Greenabelle at Topshop
e., g., i. Pieces from the H&M Conscious Collection. Everything is recycled and organic.
f. Opal Clutch  by Mad Imports
h. Organic lipstick Nvey Eco
j. OlsenHaus recycled Babylon flat

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